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When his mother passed away at the age of 78, Sherman Alexie responded the only way he knew how: he wrote. The result is this stunning memoir. Featuring 78 poems, 78 essays and intimate family photographs, Alexie shares raw, angry, funny, profane, tender memories of a childhood few can imagine--growing up dirt-poor on an Indian reservation, one of four children raised by alcoholic parents. Throughout, a portrait emerges of his mother as a beautiful, mercurial, abusive, intelligent, complicated woman. You Dont Have To Say You Love Me is a powerful account of a complicated relationship, an unflinching and unforgettable remembrance.

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The intensity
The ferociousness
The vibrancy
The power
The effectiveness
The aggressiveness
and PASSION..........in which Sherman Alexie reads his memoir sizzles-and burns with such force - at times just listening to Alexie speak felt comparable to being in the stands with 150,000 screaming fans at Laguna Seca watching NASCAR drivers.

THIS BOOK IS *EVERYTHING* the blurb says it is and 100 times MORE!!!

I CRIED ... oh I cried... I swear its not my fault: SHERMAN ALEXIE ABUSED ME .... HE DID IT TO ME... HE made me cry: meanie!!!

I LAUGHED .... I laughed so hard a few times... Im laughing as I type this just thinking about what I laughed at.

This is one - if not - THE - most incredible Memoir-audiobooks Ive ever listened to.

A bipolar mother with a bipolar son -- is just not enough! Add an alcoholic father... murders -in - training- in the neighborhood... abusers and bullying as common as chewing gum... poverty...... yep: growing up on A reservation in Spokane, Washington.... was like a picnic with apple and berry pie.

Dysfunction - complicated - and surviving.... are just a few words that come to mind as I think about the way Alexie wrote this book -AND DELIVERED IT LIKE THE MASTER PERFORMER STORYTELLER HES KNOWN FOR.

.....Poop like a walrus?
..... An Indian is measured by what they give not by with the keep
.....How does one be an atheist at a Spokane Indian funeral? Stay awake for 29 hours and guide your mother to transition.
.....Lillian Alexi : Alexies Mom: she was charismatic and loved attention like a fancy movie star actress according to Sherman Alexi. She slept on a couch for over 40 years.....made beautiful quilts - was a healer - and was as outrageously complex like Alexie himself. Alexie says... HE was the ASSHOLE .....His mother was very hard on him - abusive - mean - ( they did not talk once for a three-year period) - he absorbed her anger, her pain, but also her courage and also her love. She taught him how to survive. Yet.... they did not get along well.
His mother helped addicts get clean... she helped many other kids - more than her own. If his mother yelled at OTHER children - they listened. Those other childrens mommies wouldnt come attack her for correcting their kids like in todays world either.
Lillian was a dictionary-his mother knew more words that had not been spoken for thousands of years. She didnt teach Alexie the tribal language. She told Alexie:
@ENGLISH WILL BE YOUR [email protected]
Alexie [email protected] was right, she was right, she was [email protected]!!!

Alexies poetry is brilliantly beautiful!!!!!
Alexie touches us - shakes us -

If profanity is offensive to you -- BEWARE!!


P.S. Im glad I own this audiobook. Ill definitely listen to it again.

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As a leading voice in Native American literature, works by Sherman Alexie are always a joy to read. Taking biographical events and turning them into fiction, Alexie applies a mix of humor to serious topics, especially when discussing the status of Native American life both on and off of reservations. When I found out that Alexie had penned a memoir titled You Dont Have to Say You Love Me: A Memoir which paid homage to his mother, I had my curiosity piqued. A raw mix of introspection, poetry, and prose, Alexies work is an eye opening memoir that is both a joy and painful to read.

Sherman Alexies mother Lillian passed away in 2015 after suffering from Parkinsons disease. The last member of her tribe to fully speak Spokane, Lillian was revered by her entire reservation, her funeral attended by many. She often times supported her family by quilting as her husband was an alcoholic and often went off on binges and left the family for days at a time. The patchwork quilts brought in enough income to pay bills and put food on the table for her children, although it was hardly enough. This lead to a strained relationship with Sherman who wanted even as a child desired more than life on the reservation. By the time of Lillians diagnosis, Sherman had lived off of the reservation for nearly thirty six years and often supported his mother and sisters financially from afar. As a storyteller, he turned to poetry and other writing as his means of grieving for his mother. Resulting, is this 450 page memoir.

Although the memoir is full of Alexies humor, it is at times tough to read. As a child he suffered from encephalitis which left him prone to seizures, leaving his face malformed and the brunt of teasing and taunting by the rest of the reservation children. Wearing government issued glasses and attending a reservation school where the teachers verbally and physically abused Indian children, Sherman had little opportunity to excel. Bullied his whole life for his looks, by seventh grade he chose to leave the reservation and attend Reardan, a white public school. Once in Reardan, Alexie never looked back, and his lived his entire adult life in Seattle as what he calls an urban Indian. His decision is one reason for his strained relationship with Lillian, who is as Sherman says married to her reservation. Lillians life had been no picnic either: a child of rape, a teenaged victim of rape who later lost that daughter to a fire, a wife of an alcoholic. Yet, Lillian somehow survived and was viewed as a respected member of her tribe by many, even if the traumatic events early in her life had resulted with a strained at best relationship with her son.

Choosing to be with his wife and children as his mother lay dying, Sherman turned to what he knew best as a means for grief support: poetry and story telling. The poems in this memoir can be repetitive at times yet are peppered with Alexies brand of humor. He pens odes to his mother and includes issues crucial to the future of Native Americans, including their relationship with salmon and alcoholism, which has claimed many of his tribe too soon. Yet, the central focus is Lillian, her tough life, her perseverance, and Shermans means of grieving for her despite his own medical issues. The sections discussing rape are especially powerful and tough to digest so he diffuses this with comparing Lillian to salmon, a fish revered in Spokane culture. Despite the difficult at times relationship that Sherman and Lillian enjoyed, he appreciated all that she did for him and his siblings and honored her in this memoir. I especially enjoyed his couplet poetry about Lillians love of quilting, which was both a labor of love and a means of supporting her family. The lines were heartfelt and must have been extremely difficult to write.

People turn to different means of grieving. Writer Sherman Alexie turned to writing poetry and prose. Previously I had only read his The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian which is a graphic autobiographical novel detailing his children and decision to attend Reardan High School. The novel was full of self-deprecating humor which had me chuckling at difficult issues. Alexie chooses to diffuse his grief with humor as well. You Dont Have to Say You Love Me: A Memoir is along these same lines of dark humor and was as much of a labor of love as Lillians quilts. Alexie is indeed a leading Native American voice and it is tough to rate this memoir anything less than 4.5 stars.

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I was really hesitant to read or listen to You Dont Have to Say You Love Me. For some reason, I thought it would be relentlessly heartbreaking, and its rare Im in the mood for memoirs that are focused on sad abusive childhoods. Theres plenty of heartbreak in this memoir, but theres a whole lot more to this one that had me loving it from beginning to end. I listened to the audio as read by Alexie and here is what I loved about it in no particular order:
-The language, often playful and poetic, but also straightforward in its honesty.
-The meandering structure, which Alexie himself describes as a concentric quilt (his mother was a quilter.) Notionally, this is a memoir about Alexie, his mother and his mothers death, but it circles back over and over different pivotal aspects of his life, coming at them each time from subtly different angles.
-The raw honesty. This is no romanticization of life on the reserve and life in the US for Indigenous people. But no one is going to walk away from this one with easy stereotypes left unchecked.
-Alexie playfully lets us know that he may not always be a reliable raconteur.
-The voices he lovingly gives his family members as he inserts them into his story.
-His voice generally.
-His unconditional love for his sisters, wife and children.
-His complicated love for his father.
-His even more complicated love for his mother, with all her flaws, strength and crazy intelligence.
-And, again, the language.
This may not be for everyone but I highly recommend hesitant readers give it a try.
Thanks to a few enthusiastic GR friends -- including Julie E -- whose reviews nudged me to read this one. I hope my review nudges a few more readers...

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I have only read one previous book by this author, his rather well known The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Never knew how autobiographical it really was, but after reading this I can definitely see where he was coming from. Searing in its honestly, this is a powerful telling of his life, hard to read at times, but his ironic wit keeps it bearable. His conflicted feelings toward his mother, even after her death, so many things he could not understand. Made for repetitious reading at times as he tries in different ways to work out these feelings. Uses poetry, essays and thoughts, chronicling his health, which is another difficult subject as he has been through so much, his therapy, his family and all class, prejudice and his treatment because of this, and much more. Some incidents are humorous, some unbelievable, some so sad, cant help feeling sorry for the young boy he was and applaud the success, hard won, that he has as an adult.

Actually made the book, Glass Castle, seem tame.

ARC from publisher.

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I read You Dont Have to Say You Love Me back in June, and since then Ive felt weirdly possessive of it. Whenever I saw someone else on Goodreads was reading it, Id think indignantly, @HEY! Someone else is reading MY [email protected] And when I saw that someone else had reviewed it, Id think, @HEY! Whats that person doing, reviewing MY [email protected] It happened again just this morning! I was just about to write that this level of possessiveness is irrational, but honestly, in the case of this book I dont think its irrational at all.

Thankfully, You Dont Have to Say You Love Me is 450 pages long, because if it were shorter you would have less time to spend with Sherman Alexie. Sherman Alexie is a funny, funny guy, but he also knows how to move you so much that youre struggling not to burst into tears on your commuter train. Sherman Alexie is the first to admit that he may never, ever forgive his late mother for how she treated him, yet his love for her is palpable. Sherman Alexie understands that grief is illogical and that you never totally get over it. No one brings the rez to life like Sherman Alexie. Sherman Alexie can fill his memoir with poetry, and even though its technically masterful, its also totally accessible and you will like it even if you think you dont like poetry. When you spend 450 pages with Sherman Alexie, you come away from the experience feeling like youve made a friend, but not that friend who just agrees with you all the time. Sherman Alexie is the friend whos going to be honest with you and tell you what you need to hear, but hell still be there when everyone else has slipped away. Do yourself a favor and dont resist Sherman Alexie. Sherman Alexie has what you need.

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